Fear Of Dentists

Experience Dental Treatment
Under Safe Sedation Appointments

Dr. Evelyn Estefan has assembled a team that adheres to the highest standards in clinical care. They treat all patients with respect and empathy. They have strong academic backgrounds and enjoy lasting relationships with our patients; providing safe, comfortable, gentle and exemplary respect for their condition and needs.

The team is well trained in CPR and they receive ongoing training in patient care, patient delivery and infection control protocols. Most members of our team have been more than 9 years in the practice and we take pride in their contributions.



We provide you with compassionate patient time and understanding of your needs and fears. We set time to provide a calm a relaxing atmosphere with dim lights and soft instrumental music in a spa like setting to prepare you for a gentle nitrous oxide (laughing gas) delivery, alone or in combination with a single dose pill in addition to the nitrous for longer and more demanding procedures. It is a very safe form of delivery of dental care that meets different patients with different needs.


Sedation Dentistry

  • Fear of Dentists
  • A bad gag reflex
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of noises and odors associated with dental visits
  • Limited time to complete complex dental care

Once you've experienced sedation dentistry, you'll probably never be afraid to go to the dentist again.

You will be sedated just enough to be unaware of the treatment, as if you were relaxing. You will recover refreshed, with little or no memory of what was accomplished and you will not be completely asleep.

We can replace crowns or dentures, restore sore gums to good health, fix a chipped tooth, and more. People with very busy schedules can get the dental care they need, easily and quickly.

Complex dental treatments that often require six to eight appointments, can be done in as little as one at Doral Dental Boutique! All while you relax.

People who have difficulty getting numb will find that relax dentistry eliminates this problem.
Sedation dentistry is a safe way to reduce the fatigue of extended dental treatment requiring long visits.
Come and join our family of patients who truly enjoy the comfort of sleep dentistry.

Member of DOCS (Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation)

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